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Durra Building Systems (Pvt) Ltd. Duly in-co-operated in 2005, under the 1982 company’s act of Sri Lanka, Is a private limited liability company committed to provide the country with building solutions which are eco friendly with minimum impact on the environment. With growing concerns in the construction sector over the building and design life expectancies dropped due to rapid change and development, increased energy consumption levels to meet increase demand, and with drying up resources make it an uphill battle for companies in the construction sector.

Durra building systems (Pvt) Ltd. With a vision to provide affective solutions to the above and to its customers to provide green building solutions with cost efficiency and compressed build time which is recyclable and reusable at the same time fast, safe and easy. The company has a clear vision to divide the spaces far more efficiently and eco friendly to increase the living conditions, to connect people by creating very safe friendly better environment to live in  out of green building solutions.

In pursuing the above objectives M/s Durra Building Systems (Pvt) Ltd is following the footprints and is backed by ICC Ltd. ICC Ltd is one of the leading experts in the construction field in the island. ICC Ltd, or International Construction Consortium Ltd, (http://www.icc-construct.com/projects_inha.htm)  is one of the largest and leading most respected construction & civil engineering firm in the country. In corporated in 1980 ICC Ltd is having a wealth of experience in Construction of shop office and residential, commercial buildings that span over boundaries to sky scrapers construction of water supply projects hydropower projects as well as thermal power plants and irrigation projects with roads and bridges which includes many of the land mark projects in the island with complex infrastructure development.

Durra Building Systems (Pvt) Ltd, with the technology transfer from yet another pioneer in the field a industry giant in Australia Ortech Industries (Pvt) Ltd. (http://www.ortech.com.au/) A public listed company in Australia with wealth of experience and expertise in construction and GREEN BUILDING TECHNOLOGY with many land mark projects around the world.

With years of extensive research and development carried out by Ortech Industries (pvt) Ltd; in conjunction with Australia’s esteemed common wealth scientific industrial research organization, in converting agricultural fiber waste to eco friendly construction. To find affective solutions That meets today’s dire need for a construction material which is eco friendly and recyclable, at the same time available in current markets context,  where almost every material that goes into construction is scares and costly and has adverse impact in the environment.


In addressing  the above Ortect Industries (pyt) Ltd, has come up with the timely needed solution and brings to us  Durra Panel the brain child of Ortec Industries (Pvt) Ltd, and today Durra Building System (Pvt) Ltd,SL is bringing us this revelutional green building technology to our Door step.


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