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Surrounded by the cool, blue waters Sri Lanka, Perl of the Indian Ocean, as once known for its abundant beauty, and with its construction marvels in the ancient ruins of SIGIRI the rock fortress, the PRAKRAMA SAMUDRA   the magnificent irrigation systems which boast of its proud agriculturally rich civilizations in the past. Today keeping up with this heritage and with the interest to address the growing need for eco friendly construction materials globally ( ) Durra Building systems (Pvt) Ltd. Sri Lanka Strives to deliver new and innovative construction solutions for, residential, public and commercial/ industrial projects.


Recognizing the potential of paddy straw with its natural properties of high thermal insulation, fire resistance ability with a minimum change and its adaptability to sustain in conditions of high and low humidity and varying heat conditions makes straw fiber stand out for use in construction. Durra straw panel is a low embodied energy product, made from a renewal annual resource the paddy straw which is considered an agricultural waste that would if not have been burnt and destroyed after the harvest contributing to carbon emissions Is now being transformed in to an environmentally sustainable Durra panel.


Durra is made out of paddy straw fibers, and the manufacturing process is involve in extruding the straw fiber residual under extreme heat and compressing and subjecting the straw to dry extrusion process to form a solid panel core. During the process a natural polymer is induced, to the heated and compressed straw fiber residual forming a very solid core and a water based PVA glue is used to encapsulate the finished core with a high strength recycled craft paper liner, This process does not require any gas or water and is completely free of chemical additives and binding agents.


The result produces zero toxic waste. Durra panel has no volatile organic compound (VOC’s) emissions and contain no formaldehyde. The process destroys the elements in the paddy straw fiber which attracts different kinds of insects providing natural anti termite treatment to the panel.   

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