Walls with Straw

Straw walls are not new or uncommon concept for us; wattle & daub houses the most commonly used building forms during early centuries of Lanka used, straw fibers with sticks to reinforce their walls. Straw load bearing walls date back to early 19th century with early European settlers, settling in sand hills region western Nebraska USA. Straw after baled and stacked were use largely for walls. Walls were made to support the roof without added structure. Such buildings have said to have survived from that period onward (roughly 1880-1930) the oldest extent survivor reached its 100 years in 2003.


Straw Panels

Straw panels the compressing of agricultural fiber in to a board, used mainly as thermal insulator in very primitive form. During 1933 with minimum compression applied forming the straw into a panel was used in Sweden homes as a thermal insulator for roofs. These were known as Starmit Boards. Starmit Board manufacturing rights were taken to United Kingdom during 1945.

In 1954 an Australian Businessman realizing the true potential the starmit borad has with the extraordinary properties straw poses with high thermal insulation, fire resistance and first class behavior in conditions of high relative humidity – temperature the board manufacturing right was brought to Australia. 1980 Starmit Board manufacturing rights in UK were acquired by Starmit Australia.

In 1985 experience group of stake holders from stramit Australia join in forming the Ortech Industries (Pvt) Ltd, 1991 Starmit manufacturing rights including the 27 acre manufacturing facility was taken over by Ortech Industries (Pvt) Ltd, and through continuous research and development, effort to improve the product features and its versatility Ortech Industries (Pvt) Ltd has taken the pain staking initiative in developing the Durra Panel to the revelutional product we see today.


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