What is DURRA ?

Durra panel is a multipurpose construction panel which is fast, and safe, is easy to install and user-friendly. Durra wall partitions and Ceiling systems developed to be environmentally friendly, fast in building, strong and durable in character, affordable and simple in design.

With superior acoustic performance and sound reduction, improved thermal comfort and fire resistant ability,   Its versatility in design enables it to be dismantled and relocate, reinstall without hazel in quick time. Making it the ideal building solution for your Commercial, Residential or public/ industrial project, Durra panel gives a compressed build time and value for money with a range of other special characteristic and benefits fringe out of its use such as,


· Superior Acoustic performance/ sound absorption,

· High thermal insulation/ thermal comfort,

· Fire resistant FM approved class 1,

· Rodent and termite resistant,

· Impact resistant,

· Self supporting up to a height of 2700mm,

· Materials free cut and flat packed,

·  Extendable,

·  Reloadable (Modular system),

·  Low VOC emissions.

·  Bio degradable


Durra Panel Benefits

·  Enhance work place safety,

·  Ease of use and fast,

·  Reduce construction cost,

·  Reduce labor time,


Durra the innovative technology is brought to SRI LANKA by DURRA BUILDING SYSTEMS (PVT) Ltd a duly incorporated private company in 2005, a fully owned subsidiary of INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CONSORTIUM (http://www.icc-construct.com/projects_inha.htm) a Pioneer in the construction industry of SRI LANKA with (C1) grading under the ICTAD rating of Sri Lanka. Bringing 30 years of expertise in building, roads, bridges and water supply is teaming up with Ortech Industries (Pyt) Ltd. A public listed company in Australia with wealth of experience and expertise in construction and GREEN BUILDING.


With years of extensive research and development carried out by Ortech Industries (pyt) Ltd; (http://www.ortech.com.au/) in conjunction with Australia’s esteemed common wealth scientific industrial research organization, in converting agricultural fiber waste to eco friendly construction. To find affective solutions That meets today’s dire need for a construction material which is eco friendly and recyclable, at the same time available in current markets context where almost every material that goes into construction is scares and costly and has adverse impact in the environment. 

The result is the new and vastly improved reliable environmentally friendly fast, safe and easy to use evolutional DURRA Panel.

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