Sound proof wall systems

This is another turnkey value addition provided by DURRA. DURRA with its high acoustic performance levels of sound transmission class of 32 db and sound absorption co-efficient of NRC 0.31 per panel is ideally suited for the installation where sound controlling is required. The DURRA panels prevent reverberating sound waves. The texture and composition of the panel core is capable of absorbing the sound, increasing the noise control levels and eliminating low frequency noise.

Sound proof walls are constructed by use of DURRA panel laminated with a perpetrated hard board from one side, perpetrated to a symmetrical pattern to achieve high level of sound absorption.The system is installed on a 1200mm modular grid system in 2400mm self supporting wall panels joined with wall studs.    

Places like Sound studios, Air ports, Theaters, Arenas, Hospitals, Hotels, will be highly benefited with the use of DURRA. IMAX theaters in the Australia’s and the Majestic Theaters of US are completed land marks by the use of DURRA system.


• Custom design to specific noise requirements
• Self supporting No frame work required
• High performance and high quality
• Seedy and simple erection
• Reduced labor time
• Strength and durability
• Thermal resistant
• Impact resistant
• Environmentally friendly


• Plain
• Paint
• Texture paint


• Sound studios
• Theaters
• Schools
• Class rooms
• Tuition halls
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Air ports
• Sub ways / rail ways
• Arenas




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