Single Wall Partition systems

Single wall panel is 58mm x 1187mm x 2700mm joint with patented 3mm thick mechanical biscuit system aligned and standing self up right on and within Top and Bottom C channels with corner wall studs locking the panels in.

Larger spans could be designed with bracings with wall studs in five to four panel intervals. The key benefit of the single wall partitions is the simple construction of a single layer of high performance partition and the reduced labor hours in the construction process.


• High quality
• Cost saving
• Speedy Simple Installation
• Reduced Labor time
• Strength and Durability
• Sound absorption
• Thermal Resistance
• Fire resistant
• Impact Resistant
• Self supporting no framework
• Flexible Design Solution
• Different types of finishes
• Environmentally friendly
• Proven 40 year track record in Australia,
            New Zealand, USA, Philippines and Indonesia


• Plain
• Paint
• Wall paper
• Fabric
• Texture paint
• Granular


• All kind of internal wall partitions
• Work stations
• Office cubicles
• Executive cubicles
• Meeting rooms
• Studio / lecture hall partitions
• Sound and thermal cladding

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