Kit House

Eco Friendly Building Solutions

DURRA Kit houses are affordable, comfortable and durable structures design for any use industrial commercial or domestic with a remarkable compress installation time. It is prefabricated with extendable and relocatable features, which are suitable to use an temporary and semi permanent accommodation buildings. DURRA Kit Houses and Cabins are economical in design and all elements are fabricated in the factory. Therefore 20’X24′ kit house can be installed with 04 skilled people within about 04 days. Ready made kit houses are installed even in difficult location with different foundation system.(Ex: Solid block and precast footing etc.)

The construction system is based on a 1200mm modular grid. Internal walls and ceilings (height 2500mm) are constructed with a light weight steel (Zinc Alum) frame work and high impact and fire resistant DURRA panels.

DURRA Kit house and Cabins are ideal as temporary or semi permanent structures. A key feature of the system, allows a building to be dismantled and be relocated.


  • Sub structure with solid block foundation.
  • Sub structure with precast footing

The Finish

Exterior walls are laminated with a 3mm cement board to handle external weather conditions. Interior is the same non colored DURRA board finish (light Brown construction craft paper liner finish 337gsm thick) with 0.75mm Zink Alum wall studs non color at every 1200mm intervals

Doors and Windows

Standard model features include aluminum windows and plywood doors for low maintenance. A range of finishes could be provided for a complete interior finish.

DURRA Kit Roof

Supported with zinc alum light weight 1mm thick truss frame in every 1200mm fitted with the 50 mm DURRA insulated DURRA ceiling panel (minimum R = 3.0). Roof top is cladded with color bond Zinc alum trim deck sheet. (Minimum R = 3.0).


Kit houses are manufactured having a steel or zinc aluminum frame work combined with DURRA panel in the walls and the ceiling.

The use of DURRA Panel provides the desirable properties of noise control, thermal insulation and impact resistance with virtually no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions thereby improving indoor air quality. A healthy environment for the comfort and privacy of your living needs.


The simplicity of construction is clear, as only basic hand tools are required, making it easy for any contractor to undertake installation.