Sustainable attributes of the DURRA Panel.

DURRA is made out of paddy straw fibers compressing under extreme heat by extruding the straw fiber residual from the straw to dry extrusion process to form a solid panel core. During this process a natural polymer is induced, to the heated and compressed straw fiber residual. Forming a very solid core, thereafter a water based PVA glue is used to encapsulate the finished core with a high strength recycled craft paper liner. This process does not require any gas or water and is completely free of chemical additives and binding agents.

This manufacturing process produces zero toxic waste. The DURRA panel has no volatile organic compound (VOC’s) emissions or contain formaldehyde. The process of manufacturing destroys the elements in the paddy straw fiber up to a great extend which can attack different kinds of insects.


DURRA board is expected to have equal life of, wood and wood based products due to the unique protection of the board. However the life time is depending on the location, application and how it is maintained.

DURRA Building panel has High acoustic performance because of its straw fibers core and of its density of 350Kg/M3 which can be used to cater to specific acoustic needs. DURRA panel has a sound transmission class of STC 32 (32db) and a Sound Reduction Co-efficient value of NRC 0.31.It is a suitable wall lining material for the building where sound is concerned.

According to the manufacturing process the straw will be density compressed at a higher temperature. Therefore the panel is having a high fire rating.

DURRA panels though strong and rigid, can be cut at the edges into desirable designs to give a aesthetically suitable appearance.

DURRA is self-supportive because of the thickness of 50-58mm, and a density of  350 kg / M3, this enables a hight of  9ft – 12ft which could be a self standing panel. DURRA panel is 10 times tougher than a plaster board and twice as much as a cement sheet.

DURRA panel has high thermal insulation qualities giving extra comfort levels compared to any kind of dry wall partitions.   The thermal insulation and  R value of DURRA will be in the region of 0.62 – 0.72.

DURRA Acoustic Panel

DURRA Laminated Panel

DURRA Plain Panel