Termite and rodent attack

DURRA panel’s paddy straw fiber is compressed thick and dense enough to keep out many kinds of pests, as well. The panel is encapsulated in a solid paper liner making the external surface of the board very hard this outer layer of craft paper liner makes them unattractive or impenetrable to animals and insects. Finally, the panel core production process requires heating the straw to an about 1200C⁰, and compressing because of this process straw contains little nutrient value to most animals and insects, it does not attract pests.

Termites like moist damp conditions. While a wall is kept dry, there is little danger termites would have any interest. When termites do manage to enter a wall, they tend to bypass the straw and attack any wooden studs. Test carried out reveals that miner tunneling will occur through the core of the DURRA panel to access a food point.

Rodent attack is also prevented due to the compressed density of the DURRA Panel core. Test results show only Miner scratch marks on the board paint surface nothing damaging the core of the DURRA panel. This is because of the solid board density and durability of DURRA. DURRA is NOT CONSIDERED AS A FOOD SOURCE for termites and rodent.

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