Sustainable design

In current context sustainability of the design has become very important. With the globalization and rapid growth of humankind global warming has started to escalate affecting the natural atmosphere, causing ice caps to melt, deep sea oxygen levels to reduce, de forestation, and thinning ozone layer creating catastrophe in the atmosphere we live in. continuing with the ways practiced would not ensure a safe and cleaner atmosphere or a future for the generations to come.

With this situation experience contractors are compelled to look at their methods of construction and the materials in use how they affect in realty on the climate scrutinize and brain storm for solutions, looking at product by product system by system. The solutions are to consider the green building materials and increase their usage and versatility. It is important to measure how much energy is used in the manufacturing process (Measured in MJ/m2) (mega Jules) to determine carbon released to the environment and energy consumed. 

DURRA panels are manufactured from a natural annually renewable resource the paddy straw which is an agricultural waste by product that would otherwise be burnt after harvest contributing to carbon emissions.

Durra Panel production does not produce any toxic waste does not require additional chemical binding agents, glues adhesives, resins, making it sustain its form for further use in fact DURRA embodied energy or the energy that is used at a time the material is produced is low as 12.6 MJ/m2 90mm concrete Brick 106.7 MJ/m2 or compared to stud and plaster wall 153 MJ/m2.

Other advantage DURRA has is that it’s Bio Degradable or could be disposed after its affective time of use with minimum effort and has 0 impacts on the environment. DURRA could be used as a fertilizer mixed with earth for vegetation or gardening.

DURRA is a 100% environment friendly product with a sustainable design.



DURRA panels though strong and rigid, can be cut at the edges into desirable designs to give the environ decor and aesthetically suitable appearance. Further, the ability to work with grooves, nails and other tools on it, makes the panel versatile for designed construction.

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