Fire Resistance


Though its main composition is straw, Durra Panel after the revelutional transformation process will have high fire rating. The DURRA Panel core has an improved fire tolerance of 1 hour at panel to panel joints. The process compresses the straw fiber binding them to each other naturally and filling and preventing cavities within the core of the board eliminating (oxidizing) combustion properties. In a fire the DURRA Panel core would carbonize and take time to combust.

By analogy it is easy to light a single piece of paper on fire but difficult and time consuming to burn and entire phone book. Durra is highly dense and compressed and encapsulated in a fire proof craft paper liner. This makes the board fire resistant for one hour.

 A comparison with the conventional constructions methods in use, average 4’’ thick hollow cavity walls construct with cement block will have a maximum of 1 ½ hours productive fire tolerance. DURRA panel a unique, naturally fire resistant product that releases no dangerous toxic chemicals, and emits low combined density smoke at a similar thickness would have high fire tolerance of 2 hours. Durra received fire resistant testing certificate with FM APPROVALS as a class 1 construction material.

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