Durability and strength

Durra is self supportive because of the panel core density,and can stand up right without the support of vertical wall studs, in internal wall Patricians. The Durra consistent and uniform solid panel core eliminates the requirement of wall studs , frame work in internal walls. DURRA panel is 10 times tougher than a plaster board and twice as much as a cement sheet. Durra Panel is ten times more impact resistant than the dry wall patrician built conventionally and is twice as impact resistant as the cement boards. Durra Panel has an impact resistant of 2.36 MPa, Tests carried out at the University of Moratuwa indicates that horizontally laid 58mm Durra Board can take a distributed load in excess of 3Kn, Point Load of 1.5Kn, and horizontally placed cavity hollow cement block will have a 1.2 -2 Kn/mm2 less than the Point load of Durra. 

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