It’s De Mountable, Re-locatable,
Re usable, Recyclable

This was another unique advantage and superior feature with DURRA panel, DURRA could be demounted any time with minimum effort and relocate and remount with ease. Institutes like hospitals, crisis management centers, disaster relief agencies, and various humanitarian organizations require a building set up which is fast prompt with superior quality and strength in order to make their relief work affective and suitable. DURRA Building systems with their service oriented team ensures meeting those tight, tough deadlines. DURRA Easy Kit house is the ideal solution for disaster relief and resettlement programs. On the other hand leisure and hotel industry frequently run out of space to cater to the sudden increase in their guest count at the peak tourist arrivals, DURRA CABANA provides the ideal solution giving the hotels to maximize their housing requirements by setting up trendy DURRA CABANAS in the open spaces available. Dry wall partition with the ability to change its span and width in no time and be able to look brand new would provide the hospitals Hotels and universities etc with the competitive advantage over their competitors. DURRA has no toxic waste it’s a 100% recyclable product which could be dismantle and clear with minimum requirements making it the best product for any kind of drywall partitions and nonpermanent structures.

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