Compressed Build Time

Another Unique advantage that DURRA Building Systems could provide its valued customers is a compressed build time. Any investor/service provider would be delighted at the ability to get the return of their investment fast DURRA Building system Dry walls and Kit Houses ensures this.  With no wet work, its prefabricated flat pack and available, the system of assembly requires a unique patent mechanical biscuit to join the boards together and is an easy to installed modular building system. DURRA panel is self supportive unlike any other available drywall in the market like gypsum or plywood which requires an assembly frame work. DURRA is the fastest to provide this. So why trouble yourself with difficult labor, scares materials, and hazel of getting designs and building permits, when you have a hazel  free 100% natural and with amazingly compressed build time total solution at hand, call our customer hot line now and speak to one of our sales agents.

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