Acoustic /Noise reduction



Durra Building panel has High acoustic performance, and can be used to cater to specific acoustic needs. Noise reduction and reverberation control with low frequency noise control makes durra the best material for projects with a specific requirement for noise control. Durra panel has a sound transmission class of STC 32 (32db deduction) and a Sound absorption Co-efficient value is NRC 0.31 making it the suitable construction material for, Universities, Cinema halls, Hospitals, Hotels, Airports, Sound studios, Machine Rooms etc which requires sound control building solutions. 

Durra has many land mark projects worldwide completed by our technology provider Ortech Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Melbourne Convention Centre, Gold Coast Airport, Hilton Hotel in Melbourne Airport, Warner Brothers studios Movie world to name a few.


Under Durra Building Systems (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka Wayaba Campus Sound lab, Hilton  Hotel Karaoke room are few projects completed to meet their specific sound requirement. In comparison to the conventional methods in use DURRA has superior sound reduction qualities.

(The sound transmission class in 4’’ hollow cavity cement block wall is STC (43 db deduction) the equivalent of the same thickness with Durra panel would be (55.17 db deductions) an increase deduction of 12%.


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