It is discovered that it takes an equivalent to 18 acres of paddy straw renewable in every year (one year to get a fully grown stem of paddy straw) to build an 18 square house. And it takes 1 acres of clear cut forest replaceable only in 30 years to do the same job. This is a tangible testimony of the eco preservation factor of the DURRA panel, with minimum impact on the environment. By using DURRA it helps not only the user but also it contributes in sustaining the environment.

Durra is made out paddy straw fibers and the manufacturing process involves in extruding the straw fiber residual under extreme heat and compressing and subjecting the straw to dry extrusion process to form a solid panel core. During this process a natural polymer is induced, to the heated and compressed straw fiber residual. Forming a very solid core, thereafter a water based PVA glue is used to encapsulate the finished core with a high strength recycled craft paper liner. This process does not require any gas or water and is completely free of chemical additives and binding agents.

This process produces zero toxic waste. Durra panel has no volatile organic compound (VOC’s) emissions or contain formaldehyde. The process of manufacture destroys the elements in the paddy straw fiber which attracts different kinds of insects providing natural anti termite treatment to the panel.

DURRA panels is manufactured from renewable resource, rice paddy straw, and is low in embodied energy. Energy that goes into producing 1m2 of DURRA Panel core is estimated at 12.6 M J/m2. This is more than 99% VOC (volatile organic compound) free it also has excellent acoustic and thermal properties attributing to energy efficiency. Demount ability, reusability, and recyclability, are other value added features which enhance DURRA productivity and are key measurement criterion in sustainable building constriction materials to name a few advance technological benefits by using DURRA.

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