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  DURRA Buildings Systems as it is presently known as the Only Sri Lankan Sustainable Building materials manufacturer who convert the paddy straw in to eco-friendly, versatile, multipurpose building panel known as DURRA. DURRA panels will bring environmental benefits to any project, as the panels are green, light weight, sound resistant and heat insulated, with different lengths and could be rendered with any designs or finishes. DURRA could be used for many modular, acoustic and heat insulating requirements of the project to providing turnkey solutions to our valued clients because of the multiple benefits a single panel could offer.

Please see some of our land mark projects used DURRA for its different attributes of versatility.

Latest News & Updates

DURRA Wins The Merit Award for its Green Foot Print.

This year too DURRA manage to secure the merit winner award under the category of solid waste recovery /recycling disposal or processing plants for its production facility at Minneriya. This is for the third consecutive year DURRA was able to win this prestigious award at the Presidential Environmental Awards 2018 held on the 19th of October at the BMICH Colombo for its Green foot print as a sustainable manufacture.


“I was surprised and quite satisfied that single panel has become so effective in air conditioning. Thank you DURRA team”

Retired Major General Balagalla

Fire Resistance

DURRA Panels resistance to heat is superior to other conventional products, with the panel corecarbonized and remaining stable for a long period of time and combustion not taking place for more than an hour at the panel to panel joints.

Sound Insulation

DURRA Panels ability to control sound transmission and noise reduction makes it ideal material for studios and auditoriums and even the board room.

Strength and Self-supportive

DURRA Panel is self-supportive and due to its thickness needs no frame. Its strength is remarkable and proven in use over 30 years.

Natural Non-Toxic Glue

Producing its own bonding polymer under extreme heat and compression DURRA Panel contains no chemical binding agents, glues or resins.

Thermal Insulation

The unique thermal mass of DURRA Panel reduces the running cost of heating/cooling in a building. Unlike conventional products, it does not wrap or need aluminium foil for heat resistance.

Impact Resistance

10 times tougher than the plasterboard and twice as strong as a cement sheet. The uniform density and strength in DURRA Panels ans wall partitions reduces the need for studs.

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